Dream Big At The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Landi Mashiloane – Fellowship Selection Manager

Being part of AGOF means an opportunity to wholeheartedly pursue my passion for youth development and equal opportunities, especially for those who have had limited resources. Every day, I get to live a life dedicated to serving and making a positive impact!

Candidate fellows facing off across the table at Jamboree

“In the journey of life, every step taken with purpose and passion paves the way for a masterpiece yet to be unveiled.”

university student presenting at a Fellowship event

Tehillah Dube – Public Affairs and Communications Intern

Having the understanding of the impact made for our Fellows, my colleagues dedication to harnessing innovation and collaboration as the strategy in our work drives my own passion for the socio-economic change South Africa can achieve.

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The magic of working at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation lies in its belief that every young mind is a universe of possibilities waiting to be unlocked - Marcel Manikum, Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge: Project Lead

Girl clapping hands at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation's Fellowship Selection Camp

Our core values

We are committed to making a longterm, sustainable contribution to society. We invest in innovative work that sometimes needs a long-term.Perspective. Because of this we need to make decisions based on metrics that give an early indication of long-term success. Long-term goals have ebbs and flows and may not be achieved immediately, and yet we approach each task with urgency and passion and zeal. We strive to create and nurture deep and long-lasting relationships.

We focus on the things that matter most and strive to do them exceptionally well. We are uncompromising in our commitment to deliver to high standards. This means that we need to learn from others, from experimenting and from our successes and failures; we need to be very focused on what drives optimal impact; and we need to be honest with ourselves and data driven in our decision making.

We understand that innovation requires boldness and daring motivated. We therefore model initiative and entrepreneurial thinking by balancing foresight, insight and hindsight to generate new ideas.

We are ambitious for our work and yet personally humble – complimenting a spirit of significance with humility. We constantly ask ourselves “are we reaching far and/or high enough?” and we work hard to overcome obstacles. In reaching high, we understand that our mission requires servant leadership, and we are motivated by our purpose rather than personal achievement or gain. We acknowledge our mistakes and limitations, and we seek out constructive feedback even if it is uncomfortable.

We are responsible stewards of our mission and of resources. We spend thoughtfully to get good value and avoid waste, and we account for and govern the organisation’s resources carefully and sustainably. We embrace our duty of care towards the communities we serve, the participants on our programmes and towards each other. We are open, transparent and speak up when something is wrong. We do what we say we will do, we care about others, and we tell the truth even if it’s hard.