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Scholarship Programme for Young Entrepreneurial Development

The Scholarship Programme offers high school entrepreneurial scholarships to learners who have a curious, entrepreneurial mindset; have the potential to excel academically and are financially deserving. Scholarship recipients receive funding to enrol at leading high schools across the country in addition to support and interventions that develop their entrepreneurial talents.

Applications open until 16 September


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The Scholarship Programme offers high school entrepreneurial scholarships

Our programme aims to produce a confident scholar with entrepreneurial thinking, unlocked potential, leadership qualities, a desire to create value, the ability to solve problems, an aspiration and intention to be a Fellow, an understanding of the culture of community and collaboration, and a positive attitude. The Scholarship Programme is designed to equip the youth with an entrepreneurial mindset to enable future generations to redress the inequalities of the past and to continue the economic and social transformation of South Africa.

The Programme fosters the curiosity and potential already exhibited by these learners through a combination of face-to-face, online and peer learning, as well as one-on-one interventions. The curricula of leading partner high schools are supplemented by mentorship, provided by a dedicated Programme Officer. Scholars complete the programme with an understanding of entrepreneurship and an appreciation of the culture of community and collaboration. They are inspired to create value as part of their entrepreneurial career and are looking forward to becoming Fellows.

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What the Scholarship Offers

“In the journey of life, every step taken with purpose and passion paves the way for a masterpiece yet to be unveiled.”