The Aim of Our Association Programme

The association aims to foster a culture of lifelong learning, creating opportunities for world-class entrepreneurial development and equipping Fellows to establish sustainable enterprises. The Association comprises Candidate Fellows who have successfully completed their degrees and met the requirements of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation programme, thus earning the title of Allan Gray Fellow.

*Applications open 1 June 2023.

Graduating into the Association

Our Association, the Alumni Network of graduates, is made up of Candidate Fellows who have successfully completed their degree as well as met the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation programme requirements, and are now known as Allan Gray Fellows.

Cultivating responsible entrepreneurship

The Fellows are encouraged and nurtured so that they can gain deliberate industry experience, find an entrepreneurial flair within their context, engage in entrepreneurial action and create socio-economic value through responsible entrepreneurship.

Developing valuable relationships

Our Association is more than a supportive framework, it serves as a sounding board for Fellows to test their entrepreneurial ideas, glean feedback, hone skills and develop mutually beneficial relationships with each other and partners of the Foundation.

What the Association covers






Fellow Businesses