The Aim of Our Fellowship Programme

Our Fellowship Programme equips university students with more than just a degree. It equips students with the tools necessary to flourish in their industry. It provides them with the ability to see the whole picture and to use their voice to fill in the gaps. It’s a directive to do business that’s inclusive, innovative and downright inspirational. It transforms university students personally and is an open-ended invitation to redesign the world.

Applications are currently closed and will reopen on 1 February 2024.


Choosing Entrepreneurship as a viable career path

Our Fellowship Programme focuses on cultivating entrepreneurship in Candidate Fellows by ensuring that by the end of the Fellowship Programme, they desire to create value through responsible entrepreneurship, see entrepreneurship as a viable career path, are able to take an idea and develop it into a viable opportunity, understand the value proposition of the Foundation and E2, and value the culture of community and collaboration. Furthermore, their entrepreneurial mindset development curriculum is disseminated via the AGOF Online Campus.

Deepening the understanding of Entrepreneurship

In addition to financial and academic support, each candidate is allocated a Personal Development Officer to help them get to grips with the transition into a new environment; an Entrepreneurial Leadership Officer, who probes them to flex their entrepreneurial muscles; as well as an industry mentor, who deepens their understanding of entrepreneurial traits and concepts in the working world.

What the Fellowship Covers

Fellowship Application Requirements and Process



First-year university campaign

The 2023 first-year university campaign is closed for public applications. Each university will have the opportunity to nominate entrepreneurially minded first-year students who meet the Foundation’s first requirements listed below to apply.

Our 11 Partner Universities

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